NTAN is a dutch Emcee, who started out rhymin around 99 after a long time of doing a lot of different things. He ended up with his crew “HetVerzet” who came from all kinds of backgrounds. NTAN is known for his raw style of rhymin’. His beats are known for that dusty raw sound as well. He started out painting graffiti in the early 90’s with is older brother in Heerlen,the city were he grew up, which was a crime infested border region in the south of The Netherlands.

Besides all the madness, NTAN was always making beats for himself and for other locals, like BlabberMouf and other Het Verzet members. He dropped Start from Skratch featuring BlabberMouf in 2014. NTAN created the beats and recorded the whole project in thirteen days. It got pressed on vinyl as a limited 300 copies. He’s also featured on Rap Buddhaz and did some tracks with other independent artist. NTAN did a lot, but released a little. Besides doing tracks with Het Verzet, he’s a proud father of three. NTAN’s also working on some solo projects to release in the near future.

NTAN is featured on the following releases:

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