Corto Maltez

Corto started rapping in 2000 as a 10 year old, founded Da Shogunz in 2008 and toured the world with his crew since 2010.



The dutch MC BlabberMouf stepped into the arena of rap in 2003. He steadily perfected his style of rapping and was soon building his name as an energetic live MC.


Propo '88

Propo’88, born a musical and physical giant in the Low Lands, is known for his organic sounding boombap beats, heavily inspired by most underground hiphop of the 90’s.



From the planet of Cheech & Chong, Truffel the Phunky Phaqir bought his first MPC at 16 and shit got real. Using hardware samplers, records and instruments, he travels the milky way and returns 6 billion feet beneath to get cigars.



Zudo is a hip-hop producer from Amsterdam who mastered jungle funk and haunting space vibes. He works with an MPC2000XL and deadly vinyl combination, representing Da Shogunz & Da Shogun Beatcats.


Kick Back

In this corner we have the funk sample snatcher, from the cosmic depths of milk crates and dirty floppy disks, Kick Back brings multi-layer chopped drums, smoked out jazz horns, and bit crushed samples of raw space dust, utilizing an interesting combo on his MPC 2000 & 60ii.

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