Corto Maltez

Corto Maltez is an MC based out of Amsterdam, best known for his storytelling lyricism and his unique voice and delivery.

Corto is featured as CDS on the song ‘In The Lab’ (How Im Livin’) with JMega The God of TrueMasterz on his album ‘Niggaz Iz Kingz Forever’. This song would be the creative spark that started the 3 year process of making ‘Rap Buddhaz’

Corto is featured under the alias CDS for the last time on the album ‘A Jam In The Rough’, an instrumental album by DJ Zudo & DJ Truffel The Phunky Phaqir, two beatmakers of Da Shogunz. (fun fact: Corto was still recording as CDS by the time the album ‘A Jam In The Rough’ was released. But by the time the video-single of the album was released a few months later the name CDS had been completely abandoned and this is why the video-credits of ‘Dont Come Wack’ read Corto Maltez, whereas the album credits on the vinyl sleeve of the same music read CDS)

The second time Corto Maltez is featured under his new name is on the album ‘Rap Buddhaz’. Rap Buddhaz is a collabo 12 inch by TrueMasterz & Da Shogunz. On this record, Corto and JMega trade hooks and verses for 8 songs long with JMega The God of TrueMasterz with feature appearances by BlabberMouf, NTAN, Christmaz & Killah Priest.

The Second official Corto appearance was on his video single ‘Ganjafields & Helicopters’

The third appearance of Corto is with his friend MC Mad Rev ( Da Surinam Swordsman) in the video titled  “No More”.

Right now Corto is working with Da Shogunz on 2 projects.

  •  The PhattCaps Connection – Greek Hip-Hop cultural legacy project.
  • ‘ Young, Wild & Corrupt’ – Corto’s long awaited solo album.

Corto is featured on the following releases:

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