Kick Back started making beats around the age of sixteen. Now ten plus years in the game, he is a hardware beat maker residing between Europe and North America, representing Da Shogun Beatcats. Originally from Canada, he was raised on a heavy influence of records to fuel his old soul. Once he found the culture of Hip Hop, beat making became a perfect way of expressing creativity through music. After joining Da Shogunz in 2012, he made his way overseas to The Netherlands, to work along side his like minded Shogun brothers.

The weapons of choice include the Akai MPC 60ii, and Akai MPC 2000. He mainly uses the 60ii for sampling, and the 2000 for (chopping/ programming/ sequencing), while retaining the 12bit sound of the 60ii, and the steady workflow of the 2000. His beats contain heavy multi-layered drums, chopped to single stab notes, with a cosmic blunted sound. He prefers to use unknown or previously unused samples as often as possible to keep things fresh. Anything from Funk or Jazz, Soul or Classic/Psych Rock, Blues or Rare Groove etc, he likes to collect it all especially the odd rarities. As long as it sounds good running through a bit crusher, it can be manipulated. Nearly every sound that is sampled comes from records, with the exception of a few instruments plugged in directly to the 60ii. Whether there is a live feed running between the two work stations, or transfers between floppy disks, Kick is always trying to find an interesting way to combine both machines.

Kick Back is featured on the following releases:

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