From The Top Of The Stack LP

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Side One
1. The Propo’88 & BlabberMouf Intro 01:42
2. FromTheTopOfTheStack 03:41
3. FlabberGasted 03:08
4. The Lyrical Blunt 04:03
5. Friday night @ the venue 00:36
6. ActLikeYaKnow 03:13
7. Storytellin’ Tip 04:22
Side Two
8. Shit Iz Buttah 03:52
9. PunksNallDaSuckaz 04:28
10. Pass it ova here
(Featuring Ellmatic)
11. Wisen Up 04:07
12. BoogieWitDaRuffneck 03:36
13. StepIntoDaCypher
(Featuring Ntan, CDS, Self, Ellmatic, Simple One)
14. ActLikeYaKnow – The Insomniac Remix
(Featuring EllMatic)
15. Fast Forward Remix 03:09

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