Truffel the Phunky Phaqir is a producer/beatcreator/recording & mixing engineer/DJ from Amsterdam, representing Da Shogunz. Truffel’s beats consist of loud knocking drums and groovy jazz/funk/psychedelic samples with an overall mid 90’s sound, combined with hints of dark jazz, and westcoast influences.

Truffel specializes in the art of cratedigging. Finding rare breaks, weird foreign records, and all types of jazz is what Truffel lives for. With versatile skills on the MPC2000XL Truffel will make your head nod no matter what. In February of 2015 Truffel released ‘A Jam In The Rough’ with fellow Shogun-beatcat Zudo. A compilation of beats and jams made over the years.

In may of 2015 Da Shogunz released the new BlabberMouf Album titled: ‘Da BlabberMouf LP’ On which Truffel produced 7 of 14 tracks. Truffel is currently working on the new True Masterz & Da Shogunz album titled: ‘Rap Buddhaz’. And at the same time he’s working on his solo record.

Truffel is featured on the following releases:

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