Zudo is a Dutch hip hop music artist and producer from Amsterdam. He creates beats with a distinctive sound compiled of dusty exotic loops & chops, layered with rare percussion and unique grooves from the 60’s/70’s era. His music is reminiscent of true-school hiphop and is created by sampling old vinyl records with his MPC2000XL.

Besides working on instrumentals, Zudo joins forces with emcees to combine melodics with lyricism. He produced ‘We Know For A Fact’ featuring El-Matic on the Blabbermouf LP, an uptempo groove that combines jazz with funk. He also works together with Corto Maltez and Jmega on the upcoming ‘Rap Buddhaz’ collabo-album.





Zudo has been a member of Da Shogunz since 2009, joining forces with them after meeting Truffel and being introduced to the rest of the crew. Since then he’s mostly been collaborating with rappers Corto Maltez, El-Matic, JMega and Blabbermouf. Most recently he released A Jam in the Rough together with fellow Shogun member Truffel the Phunky Phaqir. The album provides its listeners with an atmospheric instrumental experience inspired by classic Hip Hop grooves. The tracks are fine a selection of beats from the 2013 to 2015 era.

Zudo is featured on the following releases:

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